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Use your magic to find beauty and design a life that is
sacred, on purpose,
and valuable to the world

The Sacred Space
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Meditation, Magic, and Manifestation

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Why women lose their glow

and end up feeling guilty
and judged instead of beautiful

When we live according to what others expect, we end up feeling empty inside, disconnected from others, and miles away from who we truly are.

We don't feel beautiful. We feel we've lost our glow. We don't really know who we are or what makes us come alive.

We feel guilty when we take time for ourselves and judged no matter what we do.

​We're doing what needs to be done, but deep down we know there's more to life.

Our soul knows there is more

Our yearning for more is
our true self calling to us

We want to feel beautiful, and for what we're doing to have meaning. We need more balance and real connections with people who understand us.

These desires are the whispers of our true self. Our yearning is a calling--calling us to the path of what is possible for us.

What if we could design a new life?

A life of balance. Meaning. Belonging. Knowing who we are. And how to be our most glowing self.

"With Isha, I learned how to be brave."
- Monze

Hi, I'm

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Ceremonial Arts Teacher
Beauty Mentor

I show women who are curious about their feminine power how to ignite their beauty and design a life that is sacred, on purpose, and valuable to the world.

No woman should have to be afraid to shine. And nobody should have to feel that being a woman is a weakness. For too long we have been told that the essence of our feminine beauty and strength make us inferior.

I believe women deserve to live in a world that honors their feminine power.

And I know that when we step into our power as women, we heal humanity. This is why I'm here. I care about your influence as a woman in the world.

We live in a world of impossible expectations

No wonder we don't feel beautiful

Trying to keep up with impossible expectations (other peoples' and our own) keeps us anxious.

We rush from moment to moment, doing so much and yet feeling lost.

No wonder we yearn for our lives to have more meaning.

To find our beauty and live a life of meaning and belonging we must come into our feminine power.

We do this by deepening our relationship with our temples, both outer and inner--our homes, our bodies, and ourselves.

This is where the magic begins...

Are you tired of going
through the motions?

instead of giving yourself permission
to discover what ignites you?

Women around the world are daring to wake up and live their feminine power.

This is how they are finding their confidence, recognizing their beauty and the beauty in all:

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First, we design a sacred space so you have your own place to meditate, pray, make magic, and create a life of the things you love

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Next, we use ritual and ceremony to ignite your feminine powers of creation and manifestation

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Then we envision our truest desires and match that vibration

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In doing so we discover our authentic beauty, trust our path, and live a sacred life of meaning and belonging

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"Isha helps me move past the things that are holding me back and see my future more clearly. She has knowledge from many different walks of life and speaks all the languages of spirituality. You can feel how she really understands because of the challenges she’s been through herself."
- Madeleine

More about

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25+ Years of
International Service

Isha has been training, serving, gathering, and coaching people around the world (the US, South America, England, India, and Mexico) since 1995.

Her special focus has always been uplifting women and girls. Today she works with spiritually-oriented women who are ready to design a new life for
themselves--that is balanced, divine, and adds value to the world.

With Isha, women come to know who they are and discover their beauty.

Extensive Training
in the Healing Arts

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BA in Psychology (minor in Counseling)

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Certified Yoga Teacher (in both Raja Yoga and CorePower Yoga)

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Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner

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Certificate in Breathwork

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Certified Feng Shui Consultant (Black Hat sect)

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Certified Color Therapy Consultant (Auro-soma)

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Certified Dance Therapist

A Lifetime of Leadership

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Co-founder of Triumph Kids (a non-profit for underprivileged children that gave them access to nature and leadership training)

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Trainer for young adult coaches of the Tony Robbins Global Leadership Youth Summit Foundation

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Served as a coach with Red Binacional de Corazones, working with girls coming out of human trafficking

Bullet Isha Gold paragraphs

Event Organizer and Host for personal growth retreats featuring internationally-recognized healers, therapists, authors and shamans

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Co-sponsored and worked on the film project, The Celestine Prophecy

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Founder of Royal Academy Preschool in Chula Vista, CA



Incantations for Love, Protection & Abundance

An incantation is an affirmation with feeling, it’s a spell that we use to create our reality. It's medicine for fear and reactivity.

When we dwell on what could go wrong, we feel out of focus and afraid of life. We want peace of mind. We want to know what we want and be able to move toward what we desire. Incantations shift our focus from what we don't want to what we do want, and activate our inner powers.

Unlike affirmations, which can leave us feeling like we're lying to ourselves, incantations go deeper into our subconscious. With incantations we tap into the FEELING of what we desire and focus on the possibilities instead of the fear. Incantations align us with our desire and highest vision of ourselves. 

3 Incantations
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Understand Yourself and Those Around You So You Can Be Empowered in Your Connections

When we're in conflict with friends, we feel disconnected. When we're in conflict with our family we feel like we're failing. When we're in conflict with colleagues and co-workers we feel stuck and frustrated. To have harmonious relationships we need to first understand ourselves and then get insight on why things are the way they are with others.

​Your Sacred Life Reading with Isha provides:

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New awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, mission, personal purpose, and possibilities

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Insight on potential partners (who to align with in romance and business)

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A clear and empowering understanding of the people you’re trying to have a better relationship with

90 Minute Session





Our home is also our temple, and a reflection of all the areas of our life (health, love, wealth, and more). When something is off we can feel it and it seems like nothing goes our way. We get fearful and indecisive but can't put our finger on what is wrong. This is when a home consultation can be very revealing.

​Isha's consultations get to the heart of what you’re struggling with so that you have clarity and insight about your life and practical solutions for your home.

With your Sacred Home Consultation, you receive:

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Recommended remedies you can place in your home to support you and bring balance (specific crystals, colors, elements, special objects, etc.)

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Directions on how to create a sacred space for yourself

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Numerology readings for all family members--to support loving connection

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A custom map of your house-- illustrating the symbolic meaning  of each area of your home and how they correlate to your life

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A check-in follow-up consultation after 30 days

Isha's expert consultations give you a clear map of possibilities and vision so you know where to put your energy and how to create a home environment where everything has a sacred purpose.

In person







A Community of Women That Awakens Your Feminine Magic

The Myth of the Perfect Woman keeps us feeling responsible for holding everything together but continually feeling like what we do is never enough.

​To go beyond this destructive myth we must reclaim balance, discover our radiance, and share our brilliance--not only within ourselves, but together as women, supporting each other as we heal the world.

​The Radiance Collective is a supportive community of women learning to reconnect with the rhythms of nature, to use ritual and ceremony, and activate the infinite possibilities to align with the sacredness of life. Together, we are reclaiming our Feminine Magic.

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"With Isha, I discovered that I am a person that can achieve her goals because I am surrounded by pure love."
- Danae

The Sacred Space Set-Up Guide

Create Your Personal Space for Meditation, Magic, and Manifestation

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